From the beginning, our inclusive community has been the beating heart of Innocent Cats. Their passion, ideas, and dedication keep us focused, determined, and enabled us to fly through adversity. We are stronger together. Our mission is to create and nurture a community that fosters innovation and collaboration within and outside the NFT field.

We believe in the collective ideals of everyone who shares our values. We work for these ideals by listening and giving our supporters the ability to make decisions as a collective organization. Our vision is to connect and empower people and projects around the world through NFT.

We envision a future where all NFT projects and brands work together in harmony in both the physical and digital worlds.


Although Innocent Cats started with a collection of 10,000 randomly generated artworks, it is growing. Innocent Cats pioneered the development of NFT in the meta-universe, extending the digital world to the physical world, which will be a symbol of the future identity of Web3.0.

Our goal is to form our Innocent Cats into a unique crypto world culture. At the same time, we will establish innocent Cats Charity Fund, which will be jointly managed by DAO community.

In Q3 2022, we will launch innocent Cats concert to further improve our ecology. All of our upcoming releases will focus on creating value for our supporters, old and new, as well as in real life.